How to answer on dating sites

How to answer on dating sites

On dating sites a huge number of people so at the person who decided to find the soulmate by means of the Internet portals, a wide choice is registered. To manage to draw attention to itself it is possible not only the good questionnaire, but also the original correspondence capable to interest the potential partner.


1. Before responding to the received message, think whether it is worth doing it in general. If the questionnaire of the interlocutor interested you in nothing, and besides he does you at once not too pleasant offer to which you do not intend to agree, it is possible or to ignore the interlocutor, or to shortly answer that you do not wish communication with it.

2. Do not respond to messages of boors. If are rude to you or especially threaten, do not get involved in a verbal sparring, and report about an incident of administration of the Internet portal. Otherwise you will just fall a victim of the boor and will spend many nerves, communicating with him. Such people of your attention do not deserve.

3. You do not hurry to refuse communication with the person if his first message seemed to you banal. Try to have a talk with it, to know each other better. First correspondence can seem uninteresting, but further you for certain will be able to find suitable subjects for a conversation. It is also recommended to pay attention to the questionnaire of the potential partner: can be, at you with it is much in common.

4. You say about what interests your interlocutor. Telling about pleasant things, the person reveals more willingly. Besides, he for certain will notice your interest in his person and with pleasure will reciprocate to you. It is worth speaking about what your interlocutor understands well: if you are familiar with this subject, then can develop it if is not present, just ask the interlocutor to explain you something, concerning the subject interesting him. So you will be able to broaden the horizons and to interest the partner.

5. Do not offend the interlocutor and avoid disputes and also discussions of too sensitive issues. If you do not meet in questions of religion or policy, and feel that the quarrel begins, transfer a conversation to other course or just tell the interlocutor that this subject is not pleasant to you. Unlike real communication before answering on a dating site, you will be able carefully to consider each word and to formulate a phrase so that not to offend the partner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team