How to apologize to the guy

How to apologize to the guy

Some girls are very emotional and are not always able to constrain themselves. And therefore can easily offend darling, even without wishing it to make, having in a temper told him a heap of nonsenses. Through some time the repentance and understanding that it is necessary to ask forgiveness for the guy surely comes. To make it not easy, on the one hand, stirs pride, and with another – internal understanding of degree of offense which you caused the person, and own indecision. How to apologize?


1. If you "blurted out" something without having thought, but after all did not cause any serious insult to the young man, do not tighten time better. Showing the pride and inaccessibility, you aggravate a problem which, perhaps, is worth nothing. Too long waiting for something, you can lose chance of explanations. Then you can already not be wanted to be listened. Therefore here you should not invent or apply nothing the female cunnings. Just approach the guy and ask forgiveness for the done stupid thing.

2. In the same case if in your soul passions stormed, too much superfluous was told, and you very strongly offended the person, give time to it to cool down. When his offense a little settles, he will more quietly meet you and will listen. But too you should not delay with apologies after all since you will be misunderstood. Who needs the foolish person who is not able to recognize the mistakes?

3. It is better to apologize always personally, having met the person in some convenient location where nobody will disturb you. You should not send apologies or notes with apologies through acquaintances. First, it will be cowardice of you and, secondly, will involve people, it is not obligatory for them to know about it in your dismantling. If the guy avoids meetings with you, can organize a "casual" meeting with it at friends, at a party, etc.

4. When you speak, you look to the guy in the face, usually all perceive the look taken aside as insincerity and falsity. Do not forget to call the guy by name. Psychologists consider that this indispensable condition for establishing contact. Then tell that it is very a shame to you with the told silly words, that you unfairly offended him that you were not in yourself and very much regret for it. You can tell about how this person and what he good, attentive, kind, etc. is dear to you. Also ask you to forgive. After that stop and wait for forgiveness. Do not take in head to retell the course of your quarrel, to explain why you did not restrain and, especially, "to lay the blame" on the guy, shifting the fault to his shoulders. It will not lead to anything good.

5. Quite often girls during the ticklish conversation with men resort to such strong argument as sobbings as long ago it is known that most of men do not transfer a type of female tears. You can try and you to bury to it in a breast and to start howling, and then to embrace and kiss. But whether it is worth doing it, solve, your man can not treat the accepted stereotype.

6. If you well know the guy, then also all his weak points are known to you. And, so you can use also any other forms of apologies. For example, invite him to a dinner and prepare its favourite dish. Or present it what he dreamed long ago of. Send the SMS with verses or make for the sake of it some mad act. But anyway be sincerely and show to darling that you realize the fault and regret.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team