How to apologize to the person

How to apologize to the person

Under the influence of emotions of people can tell many offensive words for which there is a wish to apologize subsequently, but stir pride or shyness. Overcome these feelings, only this way you will get rid of sense of guilt.


1. Apologize if made something bad, or the words which are impulsively pronounced by you offended someone. It is necessary to do it if really you feel repentance. If the person does not feel not righteousness of the act or words, does not feel a remorse, then to apologize in general and there is nothing. In such cases it is better to tell nothing at all not to aggravate a situation.

2. Call by name that to whom you apologize. It will draw attention of the person, he will hear everything that want to tell.

3. Briefly tell what really you regret for. You should not repeat offensive words and in detail to describe an unseemly act. You do not speak superfluous not to strengthen the caused offense.

4. It is necessary to tellIt is necessary to tell that the event concerns and disturbs you. You appreciate and value the relations between you.

5. You look in the face to the interlocutor when you pronounce the words of apologies. A direct look - an indicator of sincerity, courage, determination.

6. Decide on apologies as soon as possible until your acts or words turned into inveterate offense that is never fraught with adoption of the decision by the person to communicate with you.

7. Choose the lonely place that nobody prevented for a conversation. In need of apologies on public, it will be simpler to repeat told.

8. Convince the person that similar offense will not repeat any more that, having realized the actions, made the decision this way so not to act.

9. Do not demand forgiveness immediately, make a pause. Forgiveness will follow as soon as believe in sincerity of repentance.

10. It is very important to watch also body language. As well as verbal communication, and nonverbal is of great importance. Be careful, during the conversation you watch a body. Though if you are really sorry what so happened, and you feel the guilt, your body will correctly make all by itself.

11. Realize the feelings after apology. Disposal of negative feelings gives feeling of freedom, ease and satisfaction. The hard feelings which are kept in heart depth prevent to be oneself.

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