How to arrange to the husband a surprise

How to arrange to the husband a surprise

That family life did not turn into a routine, it needs to try to be diversified. And this task has to lie on shoulders of both spouses, but not turn by default into a duty someone one. Organize celebrations and parties, invite friends and if there is no wish to see none of strangers, but all of you equally are in high spirits, arrange to the second half a surprise.


1. For a surprise the occasion does not matter. Organize to the husband a celebration though on weekday. The truth at the same time it is necessary to consider that the next morning your spouse should get up early and that it was not painfully unpleasant to it to be roused with the head, stone from a sleep debt, try not to tighten this action.

2. As a surprise the romantic dinner will be ideal. It is banal, but it works. And modern service allows housewives to avoid watch at a plate. Everything that you want to see on a table, can be ordered simply. The products chosen by you will deliver to you to the house, and at the price such service will not be too big. The main thing at the same time is to think over attributes in advance: candles, flowers, symbolics (if you plan a themed night).

3. If you want to surprise own spouse really, secretly from him invite on a visit his friends and think up the reason for a holiday concerning only your second half (for example if on the calendar Day of the builder, and your spouse is related to this profession). However, previously you should learn whether the office party is planned at your spouse. Otherwise you should entertain guests independently. If your man after work is absolutely free, dare! Believe, he will be pleasantly surprised with unexpected manifestation of your care.

4. Your marriage continues several years, and you have small children? Send them to relatives to only one evening, without warning about it the spouse. Spend this time together, remember youth! Believe, to you will be, than to be engaged, having remained alone.

5. To arrange to the husband a surprise, the spouse with an experience does not need a lot of imagination. During the time spent together she already has to know all his desires by heart. Therefore to please the second half, it will only be to remember enough that he loves and to choose from this list what he did not receive long ago.

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