How to arrive with treason

How to arrive with treason

In one not wonderful day you learn the terrifying news – changed you. To it it is impossible to be ready, it always, like a bolt from the blue. How to live further how to overcome this cargo?


1. To revenge. The first that occurs to much is to revenge. There is an opinion that it can help to endure treachery pain. What, really helps some. As a rule, it or too prolonged relations at the same stage where people look for development and interest not in each other, and in other people, or the initial, not deep relations when people did not manage to become attached to each other. Most often the similar way out will only force you to feel not less guilty, than the changed partner.

2. To suspend relations. The psychology of real family life shows that if the partner changed once and was forgiven, then he will repeat it again and again. Impunity will surely bear fruit – the person will know that forgiveness, perhaps and hard will be given it: it is necessary to present flowers, to kartinno regret and break hands in a despair agony, but sooner or later after all will come. And next time the partner will already consciously go for treachery. The motto of many – "Changed you? Shout: "Following!".

3. To forgive and worry. Creative exit. If the partner changes, for this purpose there are reasons. As a rule, both are guilty. Perhaps, to treachery the coldness and a lack of attention was the reason. "Happiness is when we are understood", - the famous hero Ganzha wrote in the composition. And so from a lack of understanding the people also decide on treason. And from a lack of trust. "Here she sawed-sawed me, suspected-suspected, well I also solved – if she all the same me poyedy eats why not to change me?" - frequent men's justification. Really, sometimes women are so not self-assured that they want not to change, but also to run from them up hill and down dale. To take treason very hard. Most likely, you need the help of the psychologist. Do not hesitate to address the expert and "to cure" the treason reason, but not its investigations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team