How to ask forgiveness for the favourite guy

It is good when nothing saddens the relations of lovers. But life is life, in it there is anything. The girl for various reasons can have a bad mood, health. And here her guy at the wrong time asked something or incorrectly (according to her) reacted to something. In a word, the girl in such situation can flare up and tell superfluous. Itself is sorry then, reproaches herself for fieriness, but already late: between couple as if the black cat ran. To the girl it is clear that it is advisable to ask forgiveness for the darling.


1. The easiest way to reconcile – by the known mathematical rule: "A straight line – the shortest distance between two points". Take courage and just tell: "Forgive me, I understand that I arrived very badly! Honestly, did not want to offend you". In brief explain why you that day were in such aggressive state. Complain of problems, of feeling sick. Without any stesneniye. Troubles of girls during critical days - not a secret behind seven seals, guys about it know.

2. But if you feel that the offense was really strong – wait some time, let's the guy cool down elementary. Otherwise, now he can already inadequately behave, having seen before himself the offender. Let will a little calm down, and you during this time think over reconciliation tactics.

3. You can resort to the help of mutual friends, friends, relatives. Not enough what young man will resist a request: "Show generosity, she so suffers, scolds herself, but hesitates to approach the first you! Tell that you forgive her, you do not harbor malice". As a rule, after that before reconciliation – no distance.

4. If you hesitate to start talking – send to the guy the letter by e-mail or the SMS message of original penitential and love contents. It can work though some people prefer a man-to-man talk.

5. Do not try to appeal to its feeling of male vanity at all: say, the man, "stronger sex", and you take offense as if the woman. Imagine, the self-respect is not only at the weaker sex. These words almost for certain will even more anger the guy, and instead of reconciliation your dissonance will only be aggravated.

6. You should not accuse the young man, to reproach. Your task is to reconcile, but not to foment the conflict.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team