How to ask hands

How to ask hands

If you resolved that you want to marry this girl, it is a high time to be a suitor for the hand and heart. In old novels and movies this procedure usually is described and shown very beautifully: the groom gets up on one knee, holding in hand a ring with diamond, parents of the confused bride bear an image to bless young people. And how it is necessary to be a suitor for the hand the girl in the modern world? Whether it is worth notifying her parents and other relatives? In this respect in society in posldeny decades there was a certain set of rules.


1. For a start carefully find out opinion of your darling on a marriage. Even if you want suit it a surprise. It is unlikely it will want to you in response to ""marry me!"" to hear: ""sorry, I am not ready yet"". Therefore in advance accidentally you start conversations about marriages and married couples with the girl to find out her point of view in this respect. It is the best of all to speak about mutual friends that she prematurely did not guess what she should hear.

2. If you want to be a suitor for the hand the darling in romantic atmosphere, prepare everything in advance. Choose day when both of you are not tired, ideally - day off. Create the corresponding surroundings: for example, make a dinner or take the girl to restaurant where she will be waited by a table with candles and quiet music. If there is an opportunity, for the weekend be chosen to the country that precisely nothing distracted you from an important event. And of course, for that time until you make offer, switch-off phones that the call from mobile did not destroy magic of the moment. If there is a wish to observe traditions, it is possible to rise before the darling on one knee and to stretch her a box with a ring, speaking ""Marry me"". However many go some other way: throw a ring in a glass with champagne, once the girl turns away or to leave, or hide it in a dish.

3. When the girl is tied to family or lives with parents, it is better to be a suitor for the hand the daughter at her father. Here too it is possible to work in two ways. The first: in advance to notify both the girl, and her parents on this formality. To come elegantly dressed for solemn dinner, to bring gifts to future father-in-law and mother-in-law. Certainly, the bride will need to put on a pomolvochny ring a finger. Option second is an engagement surprise. However to dumbfound the darling's parents words ""I am a suitor for the hand your daughter"" it is worth in case you are familiar with them for a long time and they entirely approve your union.

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