How to ask the girl about her pregnancy

How to ask the girl about her pregnancy

Some girls do not seek to tell about the pregnancy at once. If you need to find out whether the woman is future mother or not, but at the same time you are afraid to offend her an inappropriate question, act more thinly.


1. You should not ask directly the girl whether she is pregnant if you are not sure of the answer. Your address can offend her. Some women are capable to regard a question of pregnancy as a hint on the excess weight, absent-mindedness or whimsical character. Show tactfulness and act intelligently. Watch the girl, collect information on her behavior.

2. Start a conversation about children in the presence of the girl and look at her reaction. Glance in eyes to the woman. If her look became warmer, perhaps, it not just like that. But it can turn out that it will not support your conversation and will not show any enthusiasm. Perhaps, she will even say that she is not going to bring children, on extremely measure, in the nearest future. If you have no bases to suspect the lady of insincerity, so the investigation can be terminated.

3. If you decided to ask a question of pregnancy, you need to pick up some reason for the curiosity. For example, you can refer to the fact that the girl very well catches smells, and half in jest to ask, whether because of pregnancy it. Or tell that it directly shines from within as future mummy. Most likely, the girl will not open and if there is no pregnancy, will not take offense at your question.

4. Listen as the woman speaks about the plans for the future. If she is going to pay a lot of attention to career, travel or any hobby, probably, mother it is not going to become so far. When the girl densely is engaged in the career, it is obvious that she does not plan to go on maternity leave, and then a child care leave.

5. When the girl reported to you about the pregnancy, surely congratulate her on this joyful event. Ask how she feels whether some help is necessary to it. Show care in relation to it. Support its happy state. Discuss a floor and a name for the child, future dowry for the kid. Ask how there take place meetings with the obstetrician.

6. There are several tactless questions which should not be set to the pregnant girl. First, if she is not married, it is not necessary to be interested who the father and whether there will be a wedding. Secondly, anyway you should not ask whether pregnancy is planned. Believe, regardless of initial plans, the girl is happy that she will become a mother soon. There is no need to know to you that there was it accidentally.

7. Do not draw attention to the downside of pregnancy. Do not ask on how many kilograms the girl already recovered. Do not specify whether she swells, whether has short wind and whether feels how her powers of thinking weakened. Bear a positive spirit, you do not say scurrilous things.

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