How to ask the girl's hand from parents

How to ask the girl's hand from parents

In ancient times in Russia the ceremony of a courtship was of great importance for lovers and their parents. Without parental blessing of a wedding could not be, the parental word was so strongly appreciated. Modern grooms and brides, as a rule, make the decision on future marriage independently. But by tradition the young people still go on a visit to the girl's parents to be a suitor for the hand their daughter.


1. Study the background. Even if you will not gather for yourself anything useful, at least you will have a good time, reading about old ceremonies. Earlier the groom did not go to future to the father-in-law with the mother-in-law independently, transferred instead of himself matchmakers who praised highly his advantages and poured the speech type prigovorka "you have goods, we have a merchant". If are sure of sense of humour of parents of the girl, you can use for fun this and other ancient phrases.

2. Discuss with the bride in advance as well as in what situation you will be her suitor for the hand at parents. If means allow, reserve a table in cafe or restaurant and invite future the father-in-law with the mother-in-law there. If it is necessary to manage economy option, declare it what will come on a visit.

3. Prepare gifts for future relatives. Take an interest at your girl that it is better to present her to parents. Flowers to ladies and, perhaps, some souvenir to the house will be always relevant good alcohol (wine to the bride's mother, cognac to the father). The special effect on representatives of the senior generation will be had by a pomolvochny ring which you will put on to the bride a hand when receive consent to a marriage. This Ring can be with gemstones or without, but surely Golden.

4. In a festive atmosphere, at a table, get up and address on a name middle name the girl's parents. Tell that you love their daughter, you want to marry her and you ask for their permission. It is possible to involve the classical address to the bride's father: "I am a suitor for the hand and heart of your daughter".

5. After it is answered in the affirmative (by tradition, the father has to take the daughter by hand and enclose her palm in the opened groom's palm), tell parents a little about a wedding which you plan. Agree about the next stage of an engagement: acquaintance of parents of the bride to your parents if they did not see each other yet.

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