How to attach to itself the man

How to attach to itself the man

At the correct approach to the relations soon your elect will understand that you are a woman of his dream. If he realizes it, consider that you managed to attach darling to yourself. The most important, do not overdo, the man has to feel not only darling, but also a little free.


1. Surely ask his own opinion the man. Consult on it, then he will understand that you appreciate his mental capacities and life experience. Well and to listen to council or not - your business.

2. From time to time you ask darling about the help. Ask the man to help with household chores: to repair the crane, to hang up a picture or a shelf. Helping you, he will feel noble, courageous and necessary. Upon termination of affairs, do not forget about praises and awards. If the man refuses to help, you should not force him, otherwise he will just run away from you.

3. Allow darling to play a role of your defender. Each man wants to feel like the hero and the defender therefore prove to be as fragile and defenseless creation. Let he cares for you, and in reply hears laudatory speeches and declarations of love. However, do not go too far in emotions. Constantly hnykayushchy and complaining of life girl will cause hostility.

4. Do not limit freedom of the man - each of them wants to feel free even after the wedding. You should not be constantly near darling, give him better the chance to meet friends.

5. Try to spend some time far from the man. Let he will worry about where you are and with whom. When the woman is constantly nearby, the man ceases to notice it and it becomes for him uninteresting.

6. Constantly change. It can be as changes in appearance, and in hobbies, a hobby. Try to change style, change a hairstyle, a make-up, appear before it in an image of the elegant and womanly beauty.

7. Become a source of a positive and good mood. Men are attracted by cheerful, cheerful and charming women. You give joy, encourage him at failures.

8. Do not forget about a constant variety in intimate life. Experiment, use role-playing games, change places for sexual entertainments, be passionate and sexual, and darling will think only of you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team