How to attract attention darling

How to attract attention darling

The most interesting and, probably, the most ancient way of drawing attention of darling is a sign language. Men quickly react to visual receptions. At their skillful use the attention of your elect is provided to you.


1. Use reception of openness in body language. In different situations of people use body language, even without suspecting about it. The ability of a body to reflect thoughts of the person is put in genes and acts on subconscious level, especially at communication with an opposite sex. The essence of the method consists in your readiness to open for the beloved and to draw his attention by means of gestures and a mimicry.

2. Begin with a face. Look in a mirror and remember expression of the eyes when you are in a sure and quiet state, ready to communicate with your elect. Eyes have to have clear expression, on a face - a half-smile when corners of a mouth are slightly raised.

3. You keep easily, freely, openly. Avoid such protective gestures as crossing of hands, turns in the parties. To draw attention of the man, use moderately lit room. A penumbra, affecting subconsciousness, will create more intimate situation and will dispose the man to thin communication with you. Being adjusted on openness of your gestures, a body itself will reflect your interest in further communication with the beloved that will be, of course, truly interpreted by it.

4. To attract the man, you are in the field of his sight. But, of course, you should not rush on it, breaking its space. Choose that distance at which the smell of your spirits is slightly caught and it is possible to distinguish expression of your eyes. Most likely, he will try to reduce it and to communicate to you. Use a situation and find an opportunity to enter slowly its space and to remain easy some time there. Play a look, taking away it as soon as it begins to look at you. Surely keep a faint smile on a face. Your task is to attract only attention.

5. To provoke the beloved to approach you, support your sensuality. In it gestures are irreplaceable again. An easy ducking with a simultaneous prikasaniye of a hand to hair, the movement of finger-tips on shoulders or around the person will surely draw attention of your elect. It is easy to explain all these gestures. The attempt forces to be pleasant the woman to pay the enhanced attention to the appearance that does not remain the unnoticed man at a meeting of views.

6. Showing your sensuality, do not worry. Your body, having felt agitation, signs will let know to the man interesting you that you are not absolutely sure of yourself or you feel discomfort. However it is not always a bad point since this circumstance can play also your advantage, having disposed to straight talk and adjustment or continuation of the relations.

7. Present yourself in its embraces, mentally touch it and enjoy a kiss when you want him to pay attention to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team