How to attract attention the guy on the Internet

How to attract attention the guy on the Internet

The Internet gives the chance to get acquainted with new people, even without leaving the house. In the West, for example, every second couple found each other through worldwide network. In Russia, of course, these indicators are not so high.

It is required to you

  • - Personal computer with Internet connection;
  • - beautiful photo or picture.


1. Modernize the page or a private office on social network. First, put the original picture or the photo on an avatar. Choose only bright and interesting pictures. If you have no photogenicy or attractive appearance, use the drawing. It has to not only draw attention, but also set thinking. You should not put on an avatar of the photo of celebrities, hearts and smilies. It is too beaten.

2. Do not give too much information on yourself on the page. It is enough to specify only the general data. For example, city of residence, age and the hobbies. Add also something interesting. It can be curious information, the quote, a joke.

3. Study the guy's page. You have to learn what interests him. Obtain as much as possible information on its hobby. In a conversation with it surely touch upon this subject. The guy has to think that you are interested in the same, than and he, then will be simpler to construct a conversation. Try to reduce the most part of a talk to its interests.

4. Ask it questions. They have to be not banal. You should not be interested every day as there are its affairs, it will very quickly bore it, and it will stop with you communication.

5. Do not write always the first, do not throw it with messages. Try not to be too annoying.

6. Begin communication with non-standard phrases. Of course, it is possible to write also about weather, but it is so uninteresting that many interlocutors just will not answer you. Send the unusual picture with your comment or an original track, and then the answer will be guaranteed to you.

7. You pay it compliments. The rare guy will refuse communication with the girl who considers it the best.

8. In network there is no opportunity to add the words with a mimicry, gestures, intonation therefore think over each phrase. You should not say what can be understoodly double.

9. Check the messages before sending. In them there should not be spelling and punctuation errors. Some guys attach great value to literacy of the girl.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team