How to attract attention the nice man

How to attract attention the nice man

You for certain at least once had to take a liking for the handsome man. But you not always know how it is correct to behave with him, he has to pay attention to you and at the same time not consider you readily available. Not a desperate situation. You will be able to catch any handsome if you understand what can be done, fixing his eye and that it is impossible.

First of all, show to the man the attractive legs, it by all means will cause his excitement. Make so that it understood that it is interesting, reduce distance, change closer. You sit down so that legs were well visible from its party. Show the sexual knees and coquettishly play with one shoe, having taken off it from one leg by means of another.

You lead yourself to an order so that he saw it. If to smarten up in full view of the interlocutor, he, of course, will understand that you make advances to it. Be looked in a pocket mirror, correct a hairstyle, remove a disobedient lock from a face and fill it for an ear, several times slightly give smacking kiss lips, checking whether on them lipstick well lies. But surely take between manipulations with the appearance a small break, be not engaged in it continuously.

The irreplaceable way to show the arrangement is a smile, by means of it happiness, consent, sympathy and other emotions pleasant to the interlocutor is expressed. Catch his eye and detain for some time, at the same time on lips you have to have a faint smile, do not smile too broadly at all. After that slowly you slide a look down, at first on lips, then on a chin, and at the end – on a neck. If you bite a lip a little at this time, the impression will be stronger. One more weapon of the woman – hair. Fine well-groomed hair it is possible to cause desire in the man. Twist a lock on a finger, coquettishly correct a hairstyle or the free movement of both hands take away hair back. Use own jewelry and accessories for seducing of the pleasant man. Correct earrings in ears, play a chain or touch a necklace to draw the attention of the man to your breast. Emphasize a waist by means of a belt, also thin bracelets on wrists will favourably look. But avoid too open clothes, you should not open before the man at once all cards that he retained interest. If the action takes place in cafe and an object of your sympathy sits at other table, think up an occasion somewhere for a while to leave, for example, to the ladies' room. By all means pass very close to it so that he felt a smell of your spirits while you go, you hold the look directly on it, eye to eye, and do not forget to smile mysteriously, in your look and a smile there has to be a riddle. Who knows, suddenly this sympathy will become love at first sight?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team