How to attract attention the young man

How to attract attention the young man

Even if you do not trust in love at first sight, to you the interesting and attractive young man with whom it will want to spend free time, and perhaps can meet and to develop the serious relations. The love comes unexpectedly …


1. Learn about it. Possibly you have mutual friends from whom you obtain the necessary information on the guy and will understand whether it is worth drawing his attention to itself or it is better to recede while the getting is good not to look for to the own harm excess problems. If there is no such opportunity, then watch it from outside and try to understand what habits at it that he loves. Further use this knowledge for more close acquaintance.

2. Appear in his life. Unostentatiously and "accidentally" face it among the friends, at work or in cafe. The guy has to notice you, but not understand, what are you doing it specially. The share of mysteriousness has to be present. But be not overzealous, otherwise he will think that to you to be engaged more not than, besides, to flash before his eyes. Remember that the persistence of the woman of the man is perceived as infringement of their freedom.

3. Watch yourselves. Put on in stylish and beautiful clothes, but not krichashche-defiant that there was no impression that you are lonely and from hopelessness you go into extremes. Give preference to a modest make-up and not an elaborate hairstyle in order that it could estimate your refinement and refinement.

4. Be on a positive. Laugh and enjoy life more often. Of course, everything is good moderately, uncontrollable laughter can frighten off the guy and force it to doubt your gravity. But also the gloom to it will be too not to liking because at the beginning of the relations it is not interesting to guy to solve your difficulties definitely.

5. Be not fond of flirtation. A little coquetry will not damage, but pronounced flirtation can induce the guy to think that you so treat all, and it only next "victim". Be sincere and behave naturally.

6. Show respect. For any man respect – pledge of the strong relations. Even if you are a little familiar, be valid in trifles: do not kill it, listen carefully when he tells something, do not deride its shortcomings or misses and do not tell what he trusts you to girlfriends.

7. Keep advantage. Remember that there are guys to whom the attention of girls just flatters, and they do not want the serious relations therefore they are reasonable in attempts to attract attention. Perhaps, it is not that guy who is necessary to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team