How to attract the ex-husband

How to attract the ex-husband

The decision on a divorce, as a rule, is connected with desire to change the life. Most often the reason which was an incitement to a similar step does not give in to a reasonable explanation. However time passes, and your ex-husband can seem to the best and native again. If the divorce after all was a mistake, you can return this person to the life.

  • - new clothes;
  • - photographer.

1. Calm down and analyze a situation. If your divorce was spontaneous or after it there passed not enough time, you have to be sure that the decision on return - not a fleeting rush. You know your spouse quite well therefore have to realize accurately that waits for you in the future.

2. Do not show to the former spouse that you would like to return him. Show tranquility and self-confidence. Show reserved interest and goodwill. It is quite possible that it already had other woman. Do not arrange hysterics about it.

3. Be engaged in the appearance: the sad and started herself woman is hardly capable to attract anyone. However you should not change image cardinally, all changes have to be delicate. Refresh a hairstyle, slightly change hair color, lose excess weight, buy beautiful clothes. Register in a professional photoshoot which includes selection of a make-up and hairstyle. The similar action not only will present you feeling of self-confidence, but also will allow to get the whole series of beautiful pictures. You can present them also to the former spouse.

4. Find common causes which would connect you with the ex-husband. Perhaps, you have a family business which needs to be supported, or giving where it is necessary to conduct certain works. All this can bring together you. But, perhaps, your general child will become the most important link. Tell the interesting moments from his life, call the spouse for holidays and school morning performances, you ask to take you together on any affairs. At the same time try to do so that the husband did not communicate only with the child: you also have to participate in actions.

5. At meetings be lovely and friendly. You keep so as if just you want to be on friendly terms with the ex-husband. During the meetings occasionally remember the pleasant moments of the past. Emphasize that he remains for you the native person. Avoid mutual reproaches and also any mentions of the basic fact which caused a divorce. Your main objective is not to win the spouse, and to make so that he wanted to return to you.

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