How to attract the specific person

How to attract the specific person

Each person from time to time draws the soulmate in imagination. Even not free people dream to improve the private life, and, it is possible even to find more suitable partner in life. But many have no significant changes, and the desired beloved (aya) do not hurry to make happy with the emergence. There are several checked ways which use will accelerate implementation of a dream. You will be able to attract the desired satellite in the life.


1. In your consciousness the approximate image of the attracted person was for certain created. Take the sheet of paper and the handle, sit down more conveniently, retire, now you should take an important step to execution of the dream. Close eyes, present appearance of the one whom you want to attract in the life. Feel character of this person, his financial position, the sphere of work, etc. Now open eyes and begin to write everything that will begin to come to mind about this person. For example, he has green eyes, he drives white Mercedes, he is 33 years old, etc.

2. Create the card of desires. Take several magazines, own photo, scissors, glue and the sheet of a Whatman paper. Find among photos in magazines of people which appearance approaches under an image of that person whom you want to attract. Cut out these pictures. Place own photo in the center of a Whatman paper, and nearby paste the most suitable person who is similar to conceived by you. It is possible to make the whole collage, for example, a wedding ceremony.

3. Use the law of similarity. If you attribute to the person whom you want to attract some lines which you do not possess, it will be difficult to fulfill the dream. For example, wishing to see in the inner circle the person understanding any science or practice you and have to develop in themselves this line.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team