How to avoid awkward silence with the girl

How to avoid awkward silence with the girl

At first acquaintance at meetings with the girl it is difficult to avoid awkward silence. Subjects for a conversation, all questions which come to mind are not thought out, seem silly and inappropriate …


1. If you know nothing about interests and hobbies of the girl, attentively look narrowly at her – the appearance can tell about much. For example, on hands of a bauble at it from beads, on a neck – a macrame … It is possible to ask whether she is the author of these works, and then to ask questions on this subject. If the girl is confused too, answers, most likely, will be short: "It is difficult to connect such bracelet?" - "WellWell, not really". Nevertheless, the conversation was already started. Think up several questions connected with her hobby, and then tell that you like people who are able to do good things by the hands, and you are able to repair the car, to change laying in the crane or to prepare remarkable shish kebabs …

2. If at the girl the amulet in the form of zodiac sign hangs on a neck, you can start a conversation about astrology. Ask it to tell something about the or about your sign and together reflect whether characteristics are true. It is possible to discuss reliability of different predictions, from Nostradamus to Vanga further, and efficiency of psychics and shamans. If you see that the girl is seriously keen on esoterics, and you are skeptical about these superstitions, be more careful in statements that accidentally not to offend her.

3. If on appearance it is clear that the girl belongs to one of youth subcultures or is a fan of some group to avoid awkward silence much more simply. It is good if you have general hobbies – that for a conversation will be enough. Or you just heard about this group - then ask the girl to tell about it. It is good if you ask questions about a subject – it will show that it is really interesting to you, and you listen carefully to the interlocutor.

4. You keep in store several amusing stories which happened to you or to your friends. When the conversation on a related topic comes, tell them to the girl. Perhaps, she will remember similar cases – the conversation develops successfully!

5. Talk about that, as usual you spend days off. Perhaps, the girl will like your hobby, and you decide to meet once again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team