How to avoid responsibility

How to avoid responsibility

Most of people are cultivated so that at them in the head the thought of responsibility was for the rest of life postponed. However the importance of responsibility is often overestimated. Also there is a number of ways to save themselves from a thought that you something have to someone.

It is required to you

  • - your ego
  • - irresponsible friends


1. To forget about responsibility, trust all good that is told about you by people even if these words seem insincere. Each mature, responsible person, realizes that he can be not so good and has the shortcomings. You try to distract from similar thoughts, having secured with support from acquaintances who glorify you in every possible way.

2. Surround yourself with people who say only what you want to hear. Your ego will be constant will be fed from their words. It will save you from thoughts of need of responsibility.

3. Ignore any councils relating to personal growth. There is an informal law that all become more senior, but not all mature. To mature – means to realize that life not such pleasant piece. It has the shortcomings, for example, need to be responsible.

4. Remain within a zone of comfort and safety. Psychological changes to the best and awareness of responsibility come to the personality when you leave a zone of social safety and decide to change the life, having left from a habitual circle of things. Remain in the closed safe world, in a circle of acquaintances who will always support you, and you will forever forget about what is responsibility.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team