How to avoid the conflict with parents

How to avoid the conflict with parents

Often happens that with the closest people we have a situation, apparently, of complete misunderstanding. All this leads to quarrels, the conflicts, stresses, significantly complicates communication and life in general. An eternal generation gap in practice not such and unsolvable if to approach it with a certain share of rationality and tranquility.

1. If family scandal is about to happen, for a start exhale, calm down and as much as possible clean the consciousness from possible desire to respond aggressively to attacks of your parents. It will help to focus to you on the real problem, but not on those emotions which this problem caused.

2. Patiently listen to all claims in your address. You should not interrupt and begin to prove the truth, and especially to do it with voices raised. Control yourself, consider each word. Present that you are at work or in the university, and your task – it is the most competent and with the smallest losses to resolve the conflict in your advantage.

3. Objectively estimate a conflict essence. Where you were not right where, perhaps, your parents were not right. Be not afraid to recognize the mistakes, with relatives there is no place for pride.

4. You speak quietly and let know that to you it is not indifferent as the relations with parents as to you it is important will be under construction, and you want peace. Be honest before yourself and your family.

5. Do not become reserved at all and do not take offense. The offense has property to settle in soul of the person and to expand as a tropical plant. Be open, kontaktna, parents will feel your positive spirit, and you will see how the degree of their boiling gradually decreases.

6. The best way to understand other person is to rise on his place. Present what thoughts your parents can have concerning a conflict situation as they see it, perhaps, they do not know something or have incorrect information.

7. Take an emotional condition of your relatives into account. If they came tired from work, they had an unsuccessful day, regret them, be not egoists.

8. In case you cannot agree in any way, do not argue furiously the truth. Remember that anyway you and your parents need to reach compromise. This important word demonstrating your ability to make adult acts and decisions.

9. As a rule, similar balanced approach to the conflicts comes to an end with an important family conversation, and many causes ofcauses of misunderstanding become clear. In common discuss them and surely draw for yourself conclusions to the future. Also you remember: world peace begins with the world in family. Be thrifty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team