How to avoid treason of the husband

How to avoid treason of the husband

It is the best of all to think in advance of that the beloved did not change, than then to endure and rake consequences. Of course, pulls not each representative of a strong half of mankind "on the left", but it is better to make secure nevertheless.


1. Do not provoke treason. Try to avoid situations when together with you quite long time the girlfriend or the relative who has no place to stop lives in the apartment. Otherwise the husband will have a big temptation to change you even in case earlier he even did not think of it.

2. Do not prevent hobbies of the husband. If its hobby – fishing, sport, skis or something else – that do not climb to this sphere of his life at all. You can take active part in his hobbies, divide them at least as the viewer. But not to interfere with these occupations.

3. Ask the husband to carry a wedding ring and not to remove. The married man does not suit many women as the candidate for partners.

4. You come to the husband for work at least once in three months. If there is an opportunity, it is possible will get acquainted with his colleagues or to descend on an office party if in the organization where your man works, it is accepted to invite wives.

5. Do not forget about yourself. Be engaged in the life, pay attention to yourself more. Attend classes dances, study foreign languages, develop, practice yoga. Then it will not become boring for your man with you.

6. Create a favorable situation of the house. The man with great desire will go there if knows that the house it is waited by a quiet situation, the careful, benevolent wife, a hot dinner. If houses are constant scandals, a nervous situation and a negative – the man will want to run away from the house, to go somewhere to the quiet place.

7. Communicate with the man and understand him. It is necessary to make communication such that you could talk to the husband on any subjects and at the same time to both it has to be interesting to you.

8. Do not forget about sex. For the man it is very important part of the life. If it is absent for months, then willy-nilly the husband will begin to glance at other women even in case he is the convinced family man.

9. Diversify intimate relations with the husband. Men need constantly something brand new. Try new poses which did not practice earlier, their great variety – you will surely find what will be pleasant to both of you.

10. Dream. Imaginations of the beloved can be embodied in love games. If they seem you full absurdity – do not hurry to refuse, otherwise will offend the husband, will push away from yourself, and it will be one of steps on the way to treason. Try to reach better compromise at which you will be able to derive pleasure together.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team