How to awaken desire in the man

How to awaken desire in the man

Even the hottest fire eventually will go out if in it not to enclose firewood. The same can be told about men's desire. As production of hormone of testosterone which directly is responsible for sexual opportunities and desire of the man over the years is significantly reduced, here not to do without "feed". In what way it is possible to increase testosterone level?


1. For increase in male potency and sexual desire use means which the nature gives. That is those products and spices which are aphrodisiacs. It is possible to increase desire of the man and by means of medicamentous means, including, hormonal therapy. But any medicine has not only positive, but also negative properties (side effects).

2. You watch the man's food. Since an ancient time it was noticed that men whose diet meat or fish often entered in the sexual plan were more active than those men who for various reasons kept to vegetarian "diet". Really, some types of meat and fish (especially sea) are very rich with the substances promoting the increased production of testosterone.

3. Do not forget about sweet. For men it is useful to use honey, especially in the form of various mixes. For example, with shredded kernels of walnuts. Ancient Greeks and Romans paid much attention of fresh greens, especially to parsley. Parsley is strong aphrodisiac. Greens of parsley can be used also in the form of a separate dish, and in the form of additives to other dishes, including, to honey and nut mix. There will be much more advantage and effect.

4. Indulge the man bitter chocolate. It is good not only as delicacy, but also as stimulant. It contains powder of cocoa beans which was used since ancient times by the people of some tropical countries.

5. Aphrodisiacs are also some exotic fruit, especially – avocado. It contains a large amount of B6 vitamin absolutely necessary for production of testosterone.

6. Do not forget about seasonings, spices. They are available practically to everyone as they cost not much and are applied in small amounts. Cinnamon, ginger, vanilla - here not the full list of spices which promote strengthening of male power and awakening of desire.

7. It is also possible to note black coffee. This drink was always famous as good stimulant.

8. If you want to awaken desire without use of any food, think over technology of seducing of the man. For example, make light erotic massage with use of aromatic oils.

9. Stormy night is provided to you if you bring the man in advance. For example, you will write during the day him messages about the sexual fantasies. Be sure, the man this day for a second will not be late at work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team