How to be a beloved

Wishes to be hotly loved by the elect each woman. But for some reason it turns out that feelings die away over time, the relations spoil. Whether there is a secret of how to remain favourite? Of course, and even not one!


1. Often happens that the woman who worries about feelings and the relation to it of the partner excessively is nervous about it. It becomes uneasy and jealous, bothering him with inquiries concerning where and with whom he was whether he loves it. It is capable to tire any person. Therefore if you want to remain favourite, work over self-confidence. It is very difficult to love the person who does not love himself.

2. Paradoxically, but if to concentrate all the attention on the man, counting on response, then the effect will be opposite. If it becomes for you the only sense in life, then such state of affairs will be short it to arrange. The woman who forgot for the sake of the man the whole world, all the friends, affairs and hobbies first can seem especially attractive, but it quickly passes. Follow the interests, be keen on something.

3. The previous point does not mean at all that it is necessary to cease to pay attention to the man. If you do not care for it and stop indulging sometimes him pleasant things, then the lack of heat of you can force the man to look for it in other place. Do not forget about tasty dinners and about pleasant surprises for the darling. He will surely estimate these manifestations of love of you and will answer the same.

4. All people sometimes have difficult situations, sometimes they are just critical. And here support of the loved one is extremely important. For your partner such person is, first of all, you. If he has troubles, do not saw him, do not reproach and do not demand that he solved problems quicker. Support the man, show to him in hard time special attention. In spite of the fact that men look such strong and sure, in fact they need support much more, than women. Delicate care is what will forever make you for it the special person.

5. Change and develop. Kind of strongly the man loved you if you "stand still", then it can bore. Constancy in family is necessary, but in such things as personal growth and formation of an outlook, active approach is required. Be open for new.

6. Try to be wiser. Men always a little bit remain children, and it is remarkable. You do not become angry if the partner sometimes behaves not as the adult. At some moments he can relax, but in other time will behave really seriously. If you are able to accept the man it what he is, he will love you for it much stronger.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team