How to be a good son or the good daughter

How to be a good son or the good daughter

The relations with parents – one of the key factors influencing vital values and aspirations. To be a good daughter or the good son: everyone can put own priorities in this concept. However there are several general principles, following which, you will be able to make the parents happy.


1. Try to understand that your parents need from you most of all. You have to make it easily, your closest people for certain sounded more than once the dreams, hopes and wishes. At the same time at all you should not try to please them in everything and to live only their aspirations. Sincere support, ability to listen, calls, visits, warm words: the similar relation from children is a universal way to make parents happy.

2. If your parents are inclined to excessive uneasiness, try not to frighten and not to concern them on trifles. Do not force to be nervous, vanishing for a long time. If their direct participation in a difficult situation is not required, it is better not to report to them about it at all.

3. You are respectful to parents. In life, alas, there are situations when the relations in family do not develop. In that case keep a neutral position, do not dare to row and sort out the relations, especially, if it is about elderly people. Set the respectful behavior an example to own children.

4. Make so that parents for you were quiet. It is possible to be the good son or the daughter very simply: show the independence and ability to find a way out of difficult situations. If you, being adults, do not begin to deliver to mother and the father of unnecessary problems, they will be happy and happy for you. In your success they will see also the participation, and it is one more reason for pride.

5. Try to listen to parents and to thank them for support. Not always tips of people from other generation are for you useful. However the good daughter or the son will hardly begin to show uselessness of opinion of the closest people. Quite often mother and the father also need your council or the help. Do a maximum possible that parents felt as people, important for you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team