How to be a riddle for the guy

How to be a riddle for the guy

Some men very much love mysterious women who want to be solved and kept near themselves. But it is important to play correctly this role to hook on attention and to attract the real interest.


1. Do not put on too frankly. Men love when there is a place for imagination. Vulgar, too open things pull down the atmosphere of a secret around your image. Also it is not recommended to wear clothes of bright coloring and to put on a lot of jewelry. Know when to stop, it is possible to open a shoulder or a back to hook, but not to reveal completely.

2. You speak by a quiet voice and mysteriously smile. Be trained in front of the mirror and choose the smile which is most suitable towards the image, remember it and try to use more often. Even the most usual things with such half-smile gain mysteriousness.

3. Try to say less and to listen more. Mysterious silence, indistinct answers will add to your image of mystery. Long and detailed stories about life tire therefore try to speak briefly, on business, but is not too serious. Listen to it more, nod and ask the specifying questions.

4. Be inaccessible. It concerns both intimate relations, and personal meetings. You do not hurry to answer immediately SMS, to call back and agree to the first offer to meet. Be unpredictable, suddenly suggest to meet and independently choose time and the place.

5. Have own life. Your focus of interest should not be limited only to the partner. Do favorite things, go out with the friends and you spend time alone. It will make you more interesting in the opinion of the elect, will show your independence, and to him it will be curious, than you are engaged besides meetings with it.

6. Think up to yourself a riddle. It can be any act over which he will puzzle. For example, in one and too time you disappear, avoid to speak on some certain subject, but do not explain the reasons of it.

7. Be sincere. Men very thinly feel falseness and pretense. Do not try to put on a mask which completely contradicts your usual behavior. Do not go too far in quantity of riddles – some men are tired to solve them and leave to less interesting, but more clear girls.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team