How to be a wise wife

How to be a wise wife

The woman – the keeper of a home, and often depends on her wisdom success of marriage. It is important to understand that each family has laws which define any given subtleties of behavior. Nevertheless, it is possible to designate the main lines of an image of the wise wife and even to make the general recommendations about improvement of the relations in marriage.


1. Support the husband in process of forces, help him with work. He has to know that you will always be with it whatever it happened. You do not saw, do not make scandals and do not condemn if it made a mistake or failed. Dismissal from work, reduction of salary, breakage of the car and other temporary difficulties it is necessary to endure together.

2. Do not try to change the man, to force it to adapt to you. Try to share its principles, the purposes, aspirations, hobbies better and if it does not turn out, just be engaged in adjustment of your family life. It is necessary to adjust not characters, but the relations therefore learn to accept the husband it what he is.

3. You praise the husband, emphasize his advantages, you are proud of the Man quite often try to obtain heights thanks to sincere love of the wife. Forget about flattery, you speak better about those merits which are really possessed by your husband. You can emphasize kind of accidentally its force and great physical shape when he digs over a bed at the dacha, or to admire his erudition shown in a dispute. Let your husband will become for you the cleverest, handsome, interesting, best man in the world.

4. You wash the dirty linen at home. Never offend the husband in the presence of strangers and do not tell about your quarrels to relatives, friends and acquaintances. The wise wife is able to make so that nobody learned about her family disorders. Consider that it is not necessary to speak about them even with the parents, especially if they dislike your husband.

5. You should not submit to the consumer relation of some men. The woman who always suffers is humiliated, obeys, is silent, can easily turn the husband into the traitor or the alcoholic. Marriage without love, a constant beating, a pomykaniye and insults are capable to break the woman and to destroy her charm. Loving the husband, do not forget that you – too the personality, differently will be much more difficult to construct happy marriage.

6. Be beautiful and seductive, care for yourself. Meet the husband as would welcome the important guest, i.e. made up and elegantly dressed. You will throw out old dressing gowns, and before going to bed put on a seductive peignoir. You watch the appearance and try to be always attractive to the husband.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team