How to be always darling

How to be always darling

Time cannot be turned in the opposite direction. How the woman wanted to keep forever maiden symmetry, beauty, elasticity of skin, it, alas, from the category of dreams. On the other hand the woman, irrespective of age, dreams to draw attention of the man, to love and be favourite.

1. Inspire in yourself: it is senseless to grumble for a while, to mourn the left youth. Yes, you any more not such harmonious, charming as earlier. But you became much more skilled, wiser.

2. Certainly, it is necessary to pay much attention to the appearance. You remember: any woman respecting herself, irrespective of age and material prosperity, has to look attractively. It is quite real if to watch itself. Do not make the mistake of many married ladies which is very extended, alas, who decide that the stamp in the passport allows them to relax, walk on the house in a faded dressing gown, to forget about a make-up, not to pay to the husband due attention. And then sincerely are indignant, having found out that the husband began to seek consolations elsewhere.

3. Use the best efforts to become irreplaceable for darling. He has to know well: you will always patiently listen to him, will try to encourage, help, to give a helpful advice. It does not mean, certainly, that it is necessary to indulge powerlessly and resignedly any men's desires, whims. But to become the wise adviser, to create in the house the warm, cozy atmosphere – a direct duty of the loving and careful woman. The husband has to see in it not only the wife, but the devoted, sincere girlfriend who always and in everything can be trusted which will not bring.

4. Very important point: learn to understand the man. Strangely enough some women who even long ago are married do not understand logic of men's acts at all. They try to consider and estimate his behavior from the female position, and as a result – misunderstanding, quarrels, the conflicts. At the man absolutely other psychology therefore he looks at a lot of things and reacts differently. If you understand and remember it – you will be saved from many unpleasant moments, problems. And the husband will be delighted simply: what clever, understanding wife at it.

5. Learn to try to obtain the delicately, with female wisdom and cunning. Do not resort to such weapon as reproaches, tears, scandals at all. Be not covered with the weakness: ah, really the strong man cannot show generosity, concede to the woman. Even if the husband will also concede to you, he will be at heart strongly angry. If you want something to achieve from him - suggest him an idea that he wants it. As any woman decides to make it – in own way, depending on circumstances.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team