How to be always interesting to the man

How to be always interesting to the man

The family relations are under construction on love, mutual understanding and trust. But how the union when you spend by a row days, month and years, the relations lack novelty and piquancy was strong. You worry because the beloved husband not so strongly as earlier, indulges attention, and intimate life turned into a routine. Do not wait until the situation even more is aggravated, better anew interest the man in yourself.


1. Do not show that you are afraid to lose it. The stronger sex - hunters on the nature, they prefer to win the victim, it is not interesting to them when behind them run. The husband should not think at all that he is the center of your life. Realizing it, it quickly loses interest in you, he has nobody to win more.

2. You love yourself. As soon as you begin to appreciate the personality, to meet the desires and to live life (but not life of the husband), he will begin to perceive you in other format. You learn to admire with yourself and to be a constant riddle. It is intrigues man and forces to try to obtain you day by day.

3. Develop constantly, be not satisfied with what has already been achieved. Especially it concerns women whose husbands succeed in career. Development of both spouses has to be simultaneous, so they will always find what to talk about. Even if you stay at home with children, try to learn as much as possible new. Never too late to learn.

4. Be independent. The man will never be bothered by the self-sufficient woman taking an independent stand and leading full life. Find for yourself hobby which will give you pleasure, visit the fitness centers, sports clubs, the museums, libraries, meet girlfriends. The man has to see that not all your attention is concentrated on it, it will attract it to you. The male is bound not by(with) beauty, but identity.

5. You watch the appearance. Look after hair, nails and skin, use decorative cosmetics, you keep a figure. The attractive woman always effectively looks. Update clothes - it not only will improve your mood, but also will force the man to admire you.

6. Be quiet and balanced. Men are pushed away by frequent house squabbles. If you is constant not in mood and you look for an occasion to swear, it will push away him sooner or later. That the husband with pleasure came back home, it is necessary to support a quiet situation. It is more than humour in life - great advice for married couple. From all disputable situations it is possible to reach compromise without shouts and quarrels.

7. Be sexual. It is very important that the man continued to wish you even after ten years of joint life. For this purpose it is possible to diversify intimate life: new poses, role-playing games, change of a situation. Be not afraid to tempt the man and give in on his seducing.

8. You look at the world with optimism. Men love cheerful women who rejoice to the slightest trifles. With such it is pleasant to be nearby. You joke, tell ridiculous stories about yourself and children, you give good emotions, then with you it will be interesting and to have a good time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team