How to be an ideal girlfriend

How to be an ideal girlfriend

There are various opinions into the account of whether there is a female friendship, per se. More often, probably, people incline to the negative answer and have the right to it. But those who build the friendship day by day are ready to approve opposite.


1. Allocate time. On development and maintenance of any relations time is necessary. Without high-quality and full communication the people just lose interest to each other. Therefore, despite the enormous rate of life and load, allocate in the schedule time for friends.

2. You learn to listen. Women are more inclined to speak, than to listen, but if something really disturbs the girlfriend, then it is necessary to offer the interests. Of course, if she once again tells about former, then it is possible to hint tactfully that it would be time to close a subject, but if a problem serious, then, without having listened, you will not be able to help.

3. You divide both joy and a grief. Life consists of a set of events and, going together with the girlfriend on life, it is necessary to perceive all vital peripetias correctly. You learn to be near when she is happy and when endures the heaviest vital moments. Believe, the real girlfriend will estimate it.

4. Respect personal space. Even from the most close and trusting relationship the rest is necessary. At each of girlfriends the life, family, work and interests. Therefore it is necessary to respect the right each other to spend leisure-time separately or desire to keep any secrets in secret. Believe, time spent separately will only rally you.

5. Do not condemn. Even the closest people can disaccord. If you consider that the girlfriend makes the greatest mistake in the life, do not try to prevent it. Honestly express the fears, but do not prevent the loved one to act independently. Even if you should console her then and to help it to endure consequences of the mistake, she all the same has the right to it.

6. Accept the help. Friendship is a process in which at least two persons take part. Therefore not only show an initiative in return, but also be able to accept and estimate what is wanted to be made for you.

7. You give gifts. The best assurance of love – a gift. It can be a lovely knickknack, a useful thing or a fashionable accessory. But not in a gift, and in attention which you show, kind of saying an essence: "I thought of you".

8. Perfect art to be a friend. Do not think that everything is ideal. Try to be even more attentive and more reliable day by day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team