How to be an ideal guy

How to be an ideal guy

Here you also fell in love. It is wonderful, easy and beautiful, the best guys pay attention to it, and you a shadow follow it and consider for happiness if she accidentally asks: "What time is it?". You, stammering, you mutter something muffled, and she immediately turns away to more successful rival. How to be an ideal guy?


1. First of all take a closer look at those guys who are pleasant to it. Perhaps you are similar to them, or perhaps it is even better, it is only necessary to work over itself. It is not necessary to try to be someone another, it is simple to try to disclose in itself the best qualities.

2. Read more. If you know about its interests - perfectly. Be aware of the latest news. The clever, cheerful interlocutor – the center of any company.

3. Be defined what you want from life. If you have a purpose and you know how to reach it - it commands respect.

4. Besides that it is necessary to develop physically and intellectually, make - no, not a feat, what you already do – much just for you - and a romantic act. Write it the letter or send a gift. For example, send as a gift to it the ticket for its favourite movie. But it is very original. It is possible to put a bouquet of wild flowers in a box the ticket and "a portrait of the stranger", that is describe how you look and what qualities you have, and she will see the owner at movie theater nearby.

5. Be yourself, cheerful, open, make laugh the girl. But – let know the main thing that you the reliable, rather modest guy able to cope with any situation, the witty, faithful, real man of her dream. Yes, to be an ideal guy – it is difficult, but you can really become not only ideal for one girl, but also the successful person in any business.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team