How to be an ideal wife for the husband

How to be an ideal wife for the husband

It is necessary to be the ideal wife not only for the husband, but also for itself. When the woman creates the favorable atmosphere in the house, the spouse seeks to be near it, appreciates the companion of life and is improved for the sake of it.


1. Respect the to a muzhadazha if the love is over the years erased, then the respect has to be present at your heart always. The husband – the father of your children and your stone wall. You treat him with gratitude that you had a desire to become the ideal wife for it.

2. Be to an originalnoyukrasta boring everyday life pleasant surprises for the husband. If you wake up before the spouse, then write on a mirror in the bathroom of a word of love lipstick, and for the night buy a sexual peignoir. After work it is possible not to stay at home, as usual, and to go to cinema or to walk. From time to time change a habitual daily routine that the boredom did not visit you.

3. Try to look for all 100% at work, at home and otdykhedlya works you, of course, direct full maraft. At home it is enough to style hair in an accurate hairstyle, to tint a little eyes and to put on a light dress or the sports suit emphasizing advantages of your figure. The ideal wife should not wear a dressing gown or the faded t-shirt which is several sizes more.

4. You praise the muzhamuzhchina demand recognition and approval. Instead of once again reminding it of a pailful of garbage and not beaten shelf, focus attention on what he made. For example, thank for the washed plate after a dinner, praise for the fact that he ironed the shirt, threw socks into washing, but not near a sofa. And after a while you will notice that the husband will satisfy in due time your requests and to help about the house.

5. Support a muzhastant for it by the best friend what has to be the ideal wife. Be interested in its affairs at work, his hobbies. However, you should not dopytyvat the reason of his bad mood if he does not want to speak about it. Let's it stay with itself better and wait when he tells everything to you.

6. Be the mistress to muzhustat the ideal wife – means, to be not only the best friend, but also the beautiful partner in a bed. Do not refuse to the husband pleasure if you were tired or not in the spirit of. Sex perfectly loads with energy and lightens the mood.

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