How to be better than the competitor

How to be better than the competitor

Female hunters in a pursuit of happiness are ready for any tricks. Men are free to elect the lady of the heart, sometimes this choice is obvious, and at times misleads. Good guys are scarcer than hen's teeth therefore competitors begin to cajole already "busy" princes. What to do to you when at you from under a nose try to take away the elect? It is necessary – to be better one in every respect. Here are collected as ways honest, and not really - all is fair in love and war.

It is required to you

  • - the list of a bad advice "How to get rid of the competitor";
  • - skills on "management of anger";
  • - huge suitcase of dresses and cosmetics.


1. Learn everything about "thief" of your tranquility. Who is she, than is engaged that loves that does not love that is able and that is not present. Ask acquaintances to help you, as a sign of female solidarity the best friends will not refuse to you service. Study the ready file up and down - the enemy needs to be known by sight.

2. Remain quiet, let it be physically difficult, and it is too easy to ask about it. But this state will be able to bridle your jealousy, and, as a result, to stop the approaching scandal. If you organize to darling "blamestorming session", it is obvious that it will not be pleasant to it, it is simpler to escape somewhere, and most likely that it will be that who is less hysterical.

3. Do not present the man with a choice: either I, or she. Now he all the same will not answer, and you will pine in ignorance and painful expectation. Do not drive him into the deadlock. Situations are different, one business if you are married couple, and a certain person tries to destroy your relations, another – if you just meet, and the guy makes the choice. In the first case you protect family, but the ultimatum is able to destroy it, in the second, - the stronger sex will not even think of the choice at the slightest reproach or moaning.

4. Prove to the young man that you the cheerful, positive, loving girl. Remain calm and collected even if you want to cry with offense. Let to the man with you it will be easy and cheerful. Make so that he trusted you.

5. Now - a bit different methods. All of you know about the competitor, so use it: • surprise the elect with excellent culinary masterpieces; • show attention to its problems; • show that you the accurate hostess; • communicate with his friends, gain of them the confidence; • you praise the man, but it is not frequent; • place emphasis on in what the competitor is weak.

6. Men are visual. Perhaps, it is also a trick of the new passion of darling. The passion together with time dies away, so why don't youwhy don't you throw firewood? Examine yourself critically and think what can be changed: what shortcomings to hide, and to emphasize highlights. Change clothes style, hair color. Be not afraid to change and do it with pleasure. Inspire it on love games, you dement, flirt.

7. If you precisely know that your young man meets other girl at you behind the back, thus that this person – your general acquaintance, the best way to damp an ardor will become slander. Let it is dishonest, but it is effective. Having faced it during walk with darling, begin to say that saw it with Petya, Vasya, Kolya (not very well) recently. What they wonderful couple as you are glad that it continued the last novel again and so on. Let your darling know that it is imperfect in respect of fidelity. The main thing, lie convincingly and innocently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team