How to be cunning and wise

How to be cunning and wise

The cunning is in most cases perceived as something negative, not too worthy, connected with deception, insincerity. But there are situations when this word makes opposite sense. For example, in the family relations. When about the married woman say: "She is wise!", it means that the wife is able to argue sensibly, is capable to make a reasonable compromise, concessions, creates a cozy, benevolent situation in the house. How to become the wife cunning and wise?


1. First of all resolutely banish doubts: like, and whether it is possible to resort in general to cunning in the matrimonial relations whether it is worthy? There is nothing bad here. You do not deceive the husband, especially, do not change him. You want that in family there was a benevolent situation, mutual understanding, mutual respect reigned. And in this case depends on the woman much. It is no accidental different people of the world have type proverbs: "The clever wife – to the husband madam", "The husband – the head, the wife – a neck".

2. You remember: any man, including delicate and flabby, hates when the woman tries to order him, especially categorically and categorically. You are not an army chief, but your house – not barracks. Learn to try to obtain the with female softness, as well as it befits the weaker sex.

3. Let's say you quite fairly consider that the husband could help you about the house instead of lying on a sofa in front of the TV. After all, you came from work too. Do not throw the angry tone at all: "It is really so difficult to understand that I was tired? Well, rise, help!" Phrase: "Darling, could not help you to me?" it will be far more appropriate. And the husband for certain willingly will respond to your appeal.

4. And if the husband and the wife have different points of view how it is necessary to arrive otherwise? Even if you are absolutely sure of the correctness (we will assume, better you understand this question), it is not necessary to go towards the aim regardless of obstacles. How do you think, the unforgettable Fox would receive cheese from the Crow if she resorted to shout, threats, even to tears? That's it. Achieve the objective reasonable cunning. Flatter the husband a little: "You are such clever, for certain you know how it is better to arrive!" And when it "will soften", delicately and skillfully suggest it the necessary idea.

5. There is a lot of ways. At the minimum desire and imagination the wife will achieve the, and the husband will be sure sincerely that he wanted it. And everything it will be good!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team