How to be desired for the husband

How to be desired for the husband

Why the woman, becoming the wife, absolutely forgets that her husband still remains a man and that his love needs to be supported? It is no secret that men are visual. For this reason the woman has to be always charming. And such she is obliged to look in any situation: and during an invited dinner, and houses – at a plate, and in a bed, and just on vacation. "Work" of the wife – great work. Often, many women forget about this work. Forget to watch themselves, to do a hair, a make-up, manicure. And the man wishes to see the wife beautiful always, is not dependent on that how many years passed - year, five, ten or all twenty.


1. The main thing about what it is necessary to remember, is an appearance. Forget about a dressing gown, hair curlers and bad mood. Remember how you usually go to a meeting with girlfriends, to drink somewhere on a coffee cup. An original hairstyle, an easy make-up, attractive clothes, and, above all – good mood. It is so necessary to look always.

2. Hair, face and body. It is necessary that they were your allies. And for this purpose, it is necessary to indulge more often the body. Various masks for hair and the faces weakening and toning bathtubs, sport and healthy food. It is absolutely clear that because of house efforts, time can just not be enough. But try to find to yourself hour a day, and your body will thank you for it. The main criterion of sexuality of the woman is the well-groomed body.

3. Be always different. Man, at heart the, hunter. And every time to hunt for new "production", it is much more interesting, than to have in "cage" unique. Change a hairstyle, hair color, clothes style more often. And especially, pay attention to the behavior. Be a tigress today, and tomorrow a gentle kitten. It will force your man to be in a tone.

4. Do not try to control in everything the darling. It is necessary that he had a personal space. It is absolutely optional to keep ringing to it each 15 minutes when it left on a meeting with friends. Remember that men need a discharge too. They need also to be uttered, and sometimes and to gossip. And thanks to a discharge with friends, it just will not tire you with stories about problems at work, with the car or how the favorite soccer team badly played it. Respectively, having come home, he will pay attention to you, but not the problems. And that it was not boring for you until the husband with friends, occupy yourself with something. Communicate to girlfriends, walk in the park, esteem, take care of the own life.

5. Do to the husband surprises. Do not forget that men are adult children. And children very much love when they are surprised. Invite him to joint walk, buy tickets for a football match (for two), prepare its favourite dish "from the childhood". Dream.

6. Remember how you got acquainted. Your first appointment, the first kiss. Remember that storm of emotions which were experienced at a meeting. Try to make so that the routine and life did not absorb your love. Ponder as sounds – "Women".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team