How to be during difficult moments

How to be during difficult moments

Difficult moments happen at each of us. Loss of the loved one, a disease of the child, parting with darling – all this can destroy self-confidence, make life a misery and make life intolerable. But there is a life experience which says that how it was difficult at present, after a while pain is forgotten and recedes. How to be during difficult moments how to cease to suffer, worry and to begin to solve those problems which we can correct?


1. Stop to suffer and poison the soul, difficult moments in life happened not only at you, stop to feel sorry for yourself and accept the help from those who are ready to offer you it.

2. Failures and sufferings temper the person, his character and will. If they did not exist, we could not estimate minute of happiness and success. Not for nothing say that life a black-and-white strip, gather and try not to get stuck in the problems not to miss something new, interesting. You appreciate every moment your life and you find in it sense.

3. If your grief is remediable, then plan ways of the actions, set to yourself the real objects, and every day you work on their realization. Make the plan and accurately follow it, working to achievement of the goal forward, you will cease to spend time for fruitless sufferings. Surely note each achievement and do not forget to praise yourself more often.

4. Inspire in yourself confidence in the forces if constantly to tell themselves magic words: "I will cope!", you will program yourself on a victory and, of course, will achieve it.

5. Remember that from mistakes nobody is insured. It is not necessary to panic if there are difficulties and obstacles, but as it is pleasant to overcome them and to come out the winner in a difficult situation.

6. Soberly estimate the opportunities and plan those purposes and tasks which you will be able to execute, avoid negative self-assessments. If the situation gets out of hand, do not act with impudence, step aside, save up forces, temporarily switch to performance of the following task

7. Do not hesitate of the past and be not sorry about anything. From the mistakes and failures, having analyzed them, learn lessons. Think over in what place you were wrong and made a mistake. Subsequently this experience still is useful to you.

8. Fill the life with contents, around there is a lot of new and interesting, it is just necessary to see it – meet friends, go on the nature, be engaged in new business which will bring you joy and satisfaction. The flat and light way fortunately will be paved by your hands.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team