How to be favourite and happy

How to be favourite and happy

Some women indissolubly connect concepts of personal and family happiness. If you do not think of the life without love, become the most favourite and happy. Find harmony in the union with the man, and success in the relations will inspire you.


1. You appreciate yourself. Realize as far as you were lucky to be a woman. Accept own femininity. Self-acceptance, aspiration to live in harmony with itself conducts to the world in soul. Believe, your man will not appreciate you more, than you. Also how darling will carry to you depends on your attitude towards itself. Men subconsciously feel when the woman is crucially ready in relation to herself when she does not love herself and does not respect.

2. Open towards to the beloved. You thank him in each wonderful moment which it gives you. You do not exhaust yourself groundless suspicions which are a fruit of your rich imagination. You do not spoil to yourself mood gloomy thoughts. Some girls are inclined to decide a lot of things. Do not repeat their mistake and live happily.

3. Set the partner an example. If you want to be happy in love, be ready to work on the relations. When you lack something from your man, meet requirements of him. Reproaches and scandals are not necessary. Just show own behavior as your young man has to behave. For example, if you suffer from a lack of attention, at first show care and sincere interest in the man.

4. You should not resist to the man. In some couples there is a constant fight for leadership between the man and the woman. Perhaps someone needs such adrenaline in the relations, but the similar race to you will not add happiness. You remember: you and your satellite - team. Act at the same time, but do not compete.

5. You remember how everything began. Over time feelings can become dull, and the joy of what near you is loving and the beloved, to fall down a little. Remember what you were at the time of acquaintance to your partner. Do not forget for what you fell in love with the man.

6. Be grateful for what you have. If you begin to overcome you feeling of discontent, you doubt that near you that person who will be able to give you happiness and whom you deserve present that your man leaves you. Perhaps, such small visualization will awaken you, and you will appreciate the one who is near you. And it is also a way to women's happiness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team