How to be if darling far

How to be if darling far

Often in love are separated by circumstances: business trips, trips, military service, and some, having got acquainted on the Internet, live in the different cities and cannot count on frequent meetings. On the one hand, it is sad, but with another - gives the chance to check your feelings for durability.


1. To keep love at distance, learn to trust the partner. It is not necessary to call every minute. If you are sure that darling will not be able to live without sexual proximity and day, then there is a question, your feelings to each other are how true. Express the feelings and tenderness in words.

2. When you give an opportunity, find free time and attention to darling. The benefit that now not that time when letters went to the addressee for weeks, and the answer it was possible to receive in a month. There are Internet services not only for correspondence, but also with an opportunity to communicate by means of video. You will be able to read together books and to exchange impressions or to watch the movie.

3. You can make friends at forums which endure a similar situation. It will be easier for you to endure separation if there are people capable to understand you and to support. New acquaintances on the Internet will help you to distract, but to meet someone, you should not create novels as you risk to lose emotional connection with darling.

4. Even if it it is far, do not forget to please him and to make gifts. It is not obligatory to spend a fantastic sum for sending a parcel though it is option too. Make, for example, the clip of your photos where you together also are happy, send pretty cards and long letters, photos, allow the guy to feel necessary and favourite. If you endure test by separation and will support each other in time, hard for you, then your feelings will get stronger.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team