How to be if fell in love with the best friend

How to be if fell in love with the best friend

He always was near you, supported in failures, encouraged in undertakings, rejoiced with you to your progress and helped to experience annoying disappointments. Perhaps, you are familiar from a school bench or together entered the institute. Or perhaps you met in the company of mutual friends. He just became for you the best friend. There is time, and suddenly you understand that you never had more loved one that this "the neighbour's guy" for you became far closer, than all previous young people.


1. You have to make the most important and most difficult choice: to fight for the feelings or to step on them not to destroy friendship. Unfortunately, the chain of development of emotions is valid only in one party. It is possible to turn friendship into the romantic relations, but it will be impossible to regain back former trust and ease of communication.

2. If you resolved that he has to learn about your true feelings, then begin to act. You have more advantages, than any other girl, you perfectly know all habits and the interests of the friend. Between you close emotional connection of trust is already established. You know that to it already easily and freely to communicate with you. It is necessary only to turn its interest to the necessary course, to force to look at you differently.

3. Information on your new feelings and desires should not become too unexpected for your friend. Gradually prepare him for it, perhaps, to the most important recognition in your life. Create the atmosphere of ease, romanticism and ease. Go to the cinema together, night club, spend evening alone behind viewing the interesting movie.

4. Surprise him with unexpected change of an image. You always regarded it only as friend therefore you, most likely, never dressed up especially for it. Go to walk not in sports pants and old sneakers, and in a favourite skirt and beautiful sandals. Perhaps, such changes will force it to see in you the girl.

5. If you are not ready to make to it an avowal of sentiments at once, then try to begin from far away. Tell your mutual friend that in this company you had an unexpected sympathy. Certainly, calculation goes on the fact that this mutual friend by all means will transfer the obtained information to an object of your sympathies. And then your best friend will think why you did not tell this secret to him. Most likely, he quickly will understand everything. And, perhaps, and will tell the first that your feelings are mutual.

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