How to be if he is married and says what loves you

How to be if he is married and says what loves you

The real feelings can arise not only to free, but also to the married man. He can make a declaration of love to you too and give tenderness. But through some time before the woman there is a question - to continue such relations or to find the bachelor.


1. Wonder what you wait from these relations for? Do you want to remain always a girlfriend on the party or nevertheless you dream of a marriage, a wedding and the family? If everything suits you, continue these relations and enjoy the moment. But if you want bigger, it is worth making the serious decision - to take away this man from family or to find another.

2. Seriously talk to the lover. Ask him about your future what relations with the wife at it and whether it is going to leave family. If its plans are leaving and continuation of your novel, at once decide on exact date. Do not trust it to promises and beautiful words, let proves the feelings acts. Try to look at a situation soberly not to spend several years for the senseless relations.

3. Help the man to decide on an abandoning the family. If he swears love, but hesitated on big changes in life yet, be at the best. Give him what is not enough for it in family life - understanding, tranquility, care, love, passion. Prove as the good hostess - you keep the apartment clean and a cosiness, cook well. Show that you will be able to give to darling everything that is not enough for him, and you will make happy, but only if he leaves the wife.

4. You do not look at your relations through pink glasses and do not look for justification to its inaction. If the man has a wife, children, the settled relations, hardly he will agree to leave a cozy nest. But even if it will occur and you will become the husband and the wife whether you will be sure of his fidelity? The person who already once changed, most likely, will bring the mistress again.

5. Release it if the relations bring only sufferings and you do not see the happy final. Just reconcile that it is not your man, fall in love with yourself, find the free and loving guy who will present you all the time and will make you the lawful wife.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team