How to be if swore with the husband

How to be if swore with the husband

The conflicts can arise even in happy, strong marriage. From that, how truly you will behave after the quarrel with the spouse, your family life in many respects depends. Learn to cope successfully with difficult situations in your union, and the relations with the husband will improve steadily.


1. Ask forgiveness for the spouse if you feel guilty of your quarrel. Only it is necessary to do it in time and sincerely. The moment directly after scandal not really is suitable for the fact that to confess and ask forgiveness. If your spouse is still very angry, do not touch him better. But also it is impossible to delay with reconciliation for several days too. During this time the conflict situation can be aggravated considerably. As soon as you feel that your husband cooled down a little, approach him and quietly instigate. If you look fool in the face to blessed, then tell that it is a pity to you that you quarreled. Explain motives of the actions and show that in the future you are ready to correct own behavior. Against such apology your man will hardly resist.

2. Find a compromise solution if each of you wants to advocate own interests. At the same time you need to understand most and to convince darling that on the first place for you the interests of family have to be. You are one team and have to be ready to go to some personal victims for the sake of family wellbeing. Let the selfish purposes will give way to joint tasks. If the spouse is not ready to go on world, talk to him about what he sees the future of your marriage. Perhaps, you lack any global plans for joint life which will define the general strategy of your family. As soon as you deal with the husband what you want to reach together in several years, you will begin to act together more, and the number of the conflicts because of collision of interests will decrease.

3. You should not swear because something does not suit you in character or behavior of the husband. If the quarrel already took place, think that it irritates you in the spouse. Remember that you fell in love with this man and decided to connect with him the further life. Now it is important to learn to accept it with all shortcomings, but not to make scandals because of any habits of the spouse. It will be simpler to accept the husband it what he is if you sometimes put yourself on his place. Try to like its interests and to understand the point of view of your blessed. For certain after such psychological exercise your relations in family will become more cloudless.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team