How to be if the daughter on you breaks

How to be if the daughter on you breaks

Most of parents want that their children were quiet, loving and benevolent to them. However children – all this little people, and, as well as adults, they feel rage, irritation, they have a bad mood. If your daughter begins to break on parents, such behavior should be stopped.

1. You switched off the TV and intend to put the child to bed, but instead of kissing mother and to wish her good night, the little daughter shouts: "I hate you!". The similar statement does not mean at all that the child cannot really stand you. Just at the baby the lexicon is still small therefore she is not able to tell: "I am angry and upset because you did not allow me to look through transfer". Help the child to be at loss for words which will describe his emotional state more precisely, and then it will have no reasons to break on you with unreasonable claims.

2. Small children is not able to regulate height of the voice at own will yet. They cannot speak louder or more quietly, they speak as it turns out. Perhaps, your daughter also did not suspect you to break. Regularly remind the girl that at home it is necessary to talk quietly, not to shout and not to squeal.

3. Children, as well as at adults, have problems at school, quarrels to peers, feeling sick. Negative emotions look for an exit, and gets to innocent parents. Offer the daughter different ways of dropping negative energy. Write down the girl in sports section. Establish the real punching bag which the child will be able to strike from all force in its room, breaking the bad mood. Together with the daughter draw the reason of her rage on the sheet of paper, and then tear a leaf on small pieces and throw out it.

4. Than your daughter was upset, do not allow it to break on you bad mood. If the child shouted at you, quietly tell that you very much love it, but you do not want to talk to her while she so behaves. After the child calms down and will apologize, do not come back to this situation any more.

5. Pay attention to the behavior. Perhaps, at misunderstanding emergence you with the husband got used to sort out the relations with voices raised. It is natural that your child repeats after you. Accustom themselves to talk quietly, and then your child will arrive also.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team