How to be if the husband left to the mistress

How to be if the husband left to the mistress

Razluchnitsa can unexpectedly appear in life of each woman. Leaving of the beloved husband to the mistress pulls down the habitual world and it is necessary to make not the really simple decision - to reconcile or try to return the spouse.

1. Decide that you wish - to return the husband to family or to release him to find more worthy man. Such decision is given quite difficult as the husband for several years in marriage became for you the loved and native one, and with another - he in a flash was a traitor. Not each girl is capable to forgive treason and again to trust in the spouse.

2. Return the husband. If you decided that this person is dear to you, you do not represent further life without him, try to fight for the love and happiness. At first quietly talk to the spouse and find out the leaving reason. At a conversation you should not accuse or complain. Show that you recognize its freedom and you are not going to apply for anything, and just you try to understand a situation and to learn the mistake. When the disagreement reason is known, try to eliminate it. Try not to stop communication with the spouse, but do not forget to keep at communication with it adequately, be friendly and benevolent.

3. Start life with a clean slate. Do not idealize the ex-husband. Delete the spouse from the life, in a conversation with friends, relatives and acquaintances avoid any subjects concerning it. You have no need to know more what new occurred in his life

4. Try to make if not repair then shift in the apartment. Being engaged in affairs, you will distract yourself from sad thoughts, and the changed housing will remind less of the unfaithful husband. It is better to distribute things which, anyway, remind of it to acquaintances. And your joint photos where you were still happy, remove from eyes or throw out.

5. Try not to remain alone – you go with friends to cafe, theater, or sign up for courses. Daily employment, change of a situation, new impressions, will help to distract from problems. Do not ignore other men. At first to you can will unpleasantly even look at young people what to speak about new acquaintances. But nevertheless over time it is necessary anew to learn to build the private life, to trust men. Try not to compare the new guy to the former spouse.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team