How to be if the wife does not love the husband

The love is the finest feeling on the earth which generated many theories about the nature. Scientists tried to remove a love formula, claimed that she lives three years, but these researches still do not help to understand how there is a love and where this feeling disappears.


1. People in love marry and sometimes begin to consider that the ring on a ring finger will make their union stronger and will save the family ship from banks and reeves. Unfortunately, also married people can stop loving.

2. If it seems to the loving husband that the wife grew cold to him, certainly, he wants to begin to act immediately to return feelings of his woman. Options here a little. At the first suspicions the man can try to draw to himself attention of darling. Often, having lived several years in marriage, people forget about romanticism. And in order that feelings were stirred up, sometimes there is enough trifle – the bouquet of snowdrops bought on the way home, sms with declaration of love, dance under beautiful musical composition, a joint visit of restaurant. If the husband tries to please the wife with romantic acts probably that her died-away feelings will flash again.

3. The husband and the wife can sit down and talk. What went not so in their family life why the love died away, having left behind fatigue and irritation whether other beloved appeared at the wife? Perhaps, the family overcomes one of crises and to leave it, spouses need to overcome difficulties together. If the woman is sincere with the husband, extinct feelings can be revived.

4. Unfortunately, can happen and so that the wife stopped loving the husband. Absolutely. Perhaps, it had someone another, perhaps, she wants freedom, but, the most important – she does not want to be with the man any more, and neither bouquets of flowers, nor a trip to Hawaii can correct this situation. Unfortunately, in such situation it will be most reasonable to leave not to pass a step from love to hatred and to keep the friendly relations and warm memoirs about each other. How it was sore to the husband, he should stock up with patience and to believe that once it will find new love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team