How to be if the young man lies

How to be if the young man lies

Falsity, insincerity – very nasty quality. Not accidentally even in the Bible it is said: "Once lain who will believe you?". Perhaps, one of the strongest disappointments which the girl in love can feel - to catch the young man in a lie. Especially if it occurs repeatedly. The girl with shame and a shock comes to a conclusion: she fell in love with the liar. How to behave, having found out that the beloved lies?


1. First of all do not give vent to emotions. Though it and is difficult, but it is necessary to try after all quietly and coolly to consider everything. Main task: to define for what reason your young man, we will tell delicately, it is inclined to imagination.

2. Perhaps, at it simply too rich imagination? And inventions had rather harmless character? Then there is nothing terrible. You should talk only delicately to the guy, having asked it to constrain yourself: it is easily possible to be fond, cross the border. And then his imaginations will not be an innocent joke any more. Remind him that it is necessary to be after all the realist that everything is good moderately.

3. Or he tries, speaking simply, "to show off"? Alas, many people can represent themselves more important person, than is actually, for various reasons. For example, the guy – the native of simple family and only began to work, holding very modest position. And the girl – from higher social group. Even if in her behavior there is no hint on snobbery, arrogance also, doubts can torment the young man: whether she will want to communicate with it, having learned about its modest status? And he himself builds to higher step. Naturally, sooner or later deception of the guy will be opened, exactly, as in the old good movie "Moustached Nurses" - when "the secret physicist" was a kindergarten teacher.

4. How to behave to the girl in such situation? It depends on your character, education, depth of feelings to the young man, at last. Anyway, it is necessary to talk to it seriously, having explained that in this case the lie was not only inappropriate, but also very offensive for you. Thereby he showed that he does not believe what doubts sincerity of your love! And, besides, made a laughing-stock not only itself, but also the darling.

5. You can forgive the guy, but warn him that not tolerate lies any more. If he values your relations – let will be honest.

6. If you happened to catch the young man in a lie again and again, here it is possible to advise only one: to forget him as soon as possible. On light enough decent, honest guys who can be trusted which will not deceive. And with the incorrigible liar of happiness you will not create.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team