How to be near darling

How to be near darling

To be always darling and to remain near the dearest person it is possible only if you do not cease to give him the love and care and also to find a common language in any situation. For this purpose a little patience is necessary.


1. Try to be always frank in your feelings. At the same time do not go too far and you do not repeat on hundred times a day as you love your young man. Men prefer that they also had a personal space, and can fairly be tired of excessive importunity of the soulmate.

2. Look after yourself and behind the appearance. It is pleasant to men when their girlfriend causes not only their admiration, but also the interest of people around. You are not lazy to smarten up before its arrival home in the evening and also before your joint campaign somewhere. Pay special attention to a figure – the harmonious and brought-up girls always in honor at men.

3. Find the general hobby or occupation which will help you to become closer to each other. It will be bad if the man and the woman have various interests and outlooks on life therefore look for what will be to liking to both of you, or just divide hobby of darling. He will be surely glad to such step of you.

4. Be not afraid to apologize the first if between you and the man there was a conflict, especially if you feel that in it your fault. Long quarrels and continuous clarifications of the one who is wrong can enrage anyone. Remember that the strongest relations – at those who prefer to solve problems peacefully.

5. Make as often as possible pleasant acts for your guy. Make to him a romantic dinner, present a gift without cause or just dress up in a beautiful and sexy underwear. Do not forget to pay it compliments that he felt the only thing.

6. Accept your darling it what he is. If he has tastes in clothes, in food and other things, you should not forbid it to self-express. You are respectful to his friends and parents, then he will not cease to consider you the family member and just the closest and darling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team