How to be other man

How to be other man

Psychologists do not give definite answer to a question whether there is a friendship between the man and the woman. There are a lot of subtleties as sooner or later such friendship can will proceed the romantic relations or intimate. And sometimes happens that friendship begins with sex. Anyway, if you want to have the male fellow, it is worth learning in more detail about such relations.


1. Friendship is a complex system of the relations. Friends communicate, help each other, spend together time and derive pleasure from it. Friendship does not stand envy, a lie, intrigues and gossips as it is based on trust and mutual understanding. At the same time at each of friends the life, including personal. You should not forget about it, communicating with the male friend.

2. Build the friendly relations, having common interests. It is difficult to approach the person if you have different tastes and preferences. But it is possible to become the best friends if both of you love soccer or you are fond of Van Gogh's creativity. Also friendship between the man and the woman can arise during study or if you are fellow workers. If two families are on friendly terms then too there is a place to heterosexual friendship.

3. Flirtation should not be friends with the man at all - remember this rule. Flirtation is the communication hiding under itself sexual interest which is not stood by friendship. If you feel that you show not friendly interest in the man if it attracts you in the sexual plan, be sure that to your friendship there will come the end soon. In the same way pay attention to male behavior - the friend has to see in you the person, but not the woman. Though if both of you are lonely, or someone from you left the relations recently, then friendship can become a strong basis for creation of the love union.

4. If you are interested in preservation of friendship with the man, you have to respect his interests, not laugh at it in the presence of strangers, praise and rejoice for it when at it something turns out and to be nearby if in his life there was something unpleasant. Be natural, sincerely and remain yourself.

5. What who told, the male friend can sometimes be just irreplaceable. If you have no soulmate, he can be asked about the men's help with the house, it will be able to protect as a real man you if it is necessary, he will not begin to envy you and to dismiss about you gossips as do it women.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team