How to be pleasant at first sight

How to be pleasant at first sight

How to be pleasant to the man, the girl, the employer?

It is known that it is very difficult to change the first impression about the person further. Hackneyed phrases ""occur meet on clothes""? Whether so it? What needs to be done to make a good impression, it is very important: friends, work, the relations - all this begins with the first meeting and the first impression about you.

In fact the first impression about the person consists of set of several factors: as you are dressed; your appearance, mimicry, gestures. And correctly told first phrase - as the first giving. It gives a half of success. But what it is necessary to tell the first minutes of acquaintance?

How it is necessary to behave to make exclusively good impression on people?

The one who knows answers to these questions is usually very popular in society, it has a lot of friends and there are no problems with employment.

There are general rules as it is necessary to behave at the first acquaintance. - You are self-assured. Even if it is not sure, it is necessary to have confident look. Surely told phrase even if it is not really clever, usually makes an impression and is called the point of view. Do not hesitate to open a mouth. - You are friendly. There is a wish to communicate with the pleasant, cheerful and smiling person. Bores remain alone. Smile more often even if at heart cats scrape. - You are open for communication. Do not divide people into chosen and superfluous. Communicating with the person, let know to him that it is very important for you, communicate with it on those subjects which are interesting to it. - You have a sense of humour. Do not take offense at unsuccessfully stated phrase or a ridiculous joke. - You are curious, but moderately. It is not necessary to confuse curiosity with tactlessness. Be interested not in details of private life of the interlocutor, and communicate on the general for you a subject. - You are frank. Not to confuse frankness with rudeness. If you feel confusion, it is possible to admit frankly it, but it is not necessary to be rude frankly, speaking of someone. - Courage. Do not hesitate to approach the first the necessary person, it is so possible to pass all life. - Responsiveness. If you see that to whom - that is uncomfortable in society, come to it to the rescue, help it to join collective, begin to communicate with it even if he does not interest you. The person will be grateful to you for a hand of the help which you gave him. It is not necessary to seek to learn these rules. The most important, you make of life and acquaintances light, play, try. Here then you will also make on people a good impression at the first acquaintance and will increase the number of the friends.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team