How to be pleasant to mother of the boyfriend

How to be pleasant to mother of the boyfriend

Acquaintance to parents is always a stress irrespective of, how old are you - twenty or forty. All participants of a meeting without exception worry and worry. Most of mothers are afraid that the son will communicate with them less frequently. And as your man is nervous! He should acquaint two beloveds.

It is required to you

  • favourite guy and his mother


1. Ask the man on the interests of mother. Learn what can be discussed in their family. And what subjects, on the contrary, it is tabooed. As they say, who is warned - that is armed.

2. The first impression is formed in 7 seconds. You will not manage to talk frankly to future mother-in-law, of course, but your appearance can tell about much. Not to risk, put on democratically, but it is elegant. A little black dress and the minimum set of jewelry - the fact that it is necessary! Modestly and with taste.

3. Be polite and attentive, but do not fawn. It is interested consider everything that parents try to show you: school photos, diplomas and cups, bootees and curls of hair, any attributes which are so expensive to heart of mother and represent the happy childhood of your elect.

4. Learn from the guy what his mother loves. Perhaps, she has some hobby. If the thematic gift cannot be given, bake something tasty to tea. Such gift will characterize you as the economic girl and will be to the taste to all.

5. To relax during the meeting, remember the feelings when you gather on a visit to the girlfriend. The anticipation of joy of a meeting will help to feel more surely with new people.

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