How to be pleasant to parents of darling

How to be pleasant to parents of darling

Here it! The long-awaited moment when your young man decided to acquaint you with the family came. And, of course, you want to be pleasant. How to behave not to spoil an impression and not to repeat feats of heroes of the movie "Acquaintance to Parents"?


1. Inquire. Ask darling on character and habits of his mother and father. The you about them learn more, the probability to make any mistake is less. - In advance learn names of parents - the Relation to religion (The believing people who do not pass any service, as a rule, are more conservative, than those who go to church from time to time) - Age - the Profession - Hobbies - Any "hang-ups". Many people differ in hostility to objects or habits harmless at first sight. Someone, for example, is mad about purity, and does not take out spots on the snow-white cloths. - Views of parents of the relations prior to a wedding, etc.

2. Choose a dress more modestly. It is unlikely the miniskirt will help to fascinate his parents. Perhaps they and not against, but where a guarantee? It is better not to risk. You have to look tidily, beautifully, but not provocatively. For the first acquaintance it is better to refuse piercing and to cover the tattoos.

3. Surely bring something to a table. Box of chocolates or cake will be that it is necessary. And it is better to leave more personal gifts for later. Also I do not advise to bring alcohol even if this wine with huge endurance. It can not be pleasant to parents.

4. It is not necessary to talk without a stop. Answer questions, but also itself be interested in new acquaintances. Saying too much, you risk to say too much or blurt out some nonsense. Try to show the strengths, but not shortcomings. At the same time try to keep naturalness.

5. Parents do not need to show how hotly and passionately you love "the" Vasya. Great, of course, what your son is loved, but hot embraces can confuse the senior generation. All moderately!

6. If you met in the house of parents, do not forget to praise culinary abilities of future mother-in-law and to help to clear the table. If the hostess for the fifth time says that she does not need the help, then do not insist. Perhaps, it is not ready to share with you the kitchen yet.

7. Do not wind yourself! If your guy calls you for family dinner it means that you are already in absentia welcome guest in this house. For certain, they already asked on you the son. Also do not carp at trifles – perhaps, they worry too and want to be pleasant to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team