How to be pleasant to the boy who does not love me

How to be pleasant to the boy who does not love me

The first love often causes confusion and small fear. When you have feelings to the boy difficult them to hide. There is a wish to be together that he reciprocated. But for a start it is necessary to learn whether the feeling is mutual and if is not present, to make an impression on it and to get to fall in love.


1. You watch yourself, emphasize the advantages and hide shortcomings. In awkward age there can be many unexpected changes with a body. It is possible to carry face spots or rapid growth when you become highest in a class to them. It is not necessary to panic and put an end to itself. It is possible to cope with everything: against eels there are special means, and high growth needs to be emphasized and used as advantage. Address for council mother, the sister or other relative that they advised as it is beautiful to look. Pick up suitable clothes, you do an easy make-up, the beautiful hairstyle and well-groomed nails will finish an image.

2. Do not try to look more adult. Many girls try to draw attention of the boy with provocative clothes and a bright make-up. But such behavior can ridiculously look, and the guy will be pushed away by similar changes. Do not begin to smoke and drink to make an impression and to seem is more senior than the years.

3. Do not pursue it and try to behave decently. From a surplus of feelings and hormones, girls in love often behave thoughtlessly – pursue a love object, and then run away and hide, lift up or exasperate the boy. Learn to behave, you need to make an impression on the young man. Boys will estimate if you are sociable also with good sense of humour.

4. Share its interests. Learn the interests of the boy that is pleasant to him, is not pleasant how spends free time and its favourite movies. If at you tastes are similar, let it know it. At communication concern this subject and when he tells that he likes to be engaged in it, suggest to spend time together. For example, if the boy likes to roller-skate after school, join him. During cheerful walk you will approach, and he will see you on the other hand.

5. Learn to flirt. But it is necessary to do it carefully, be trained previously at home not to look ridiculous. During breaks you look at it and when he feels it and will turn back – take a look aside. Accidentally concern it when you pass by or you take something nearby. Laugh at his jokes, support his point of view and listen carefully when he tells something.

6. You ask about the help. Forgot the handle? Ask it about spare. On a difficult examination ask council, but only if it understands this subject. Ask to help if you are on duty on school and it is necessary to replace water or to lift chairs.

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