How to be pleasant to the girl: 10 councils

How to be pleasant to the girl: 10 councils

Girls are very mysterious beings. Some like the rolled guys, to others harmonious with a humpbacked nose, the third silent. Of course, it is always necessary to understand on the ground, but nevertheless there are several general rules, following which you risk to be pleasant even more, than counted.

First, remember. All these rules need to be followed constantly, it is impossible to be responsible and careful today, and tomorrow the sloven. Constancy – your bargaining chip.

1.      Self-confidence

Near such man to the woman it is comfortable, she is able to afford to relax. The main thing is not to confuse self-confidence with rudeness and impudence. Be resolute, but are not rough. Communicating with the girl you watch on her, but not yourself the step or, what is even worse, on passing by beauties. Try not to redden and not to mutter. You speak quietly. Do it if you want to be pleasant to the girl.

2.      Sense of humour

It is one of the most necessary to the man of qualities. Not only at a conversation with girls, but also in general in life. We want to remain where to us it is cheerful. And if to remember that "women are auditory", then you will understand, the one who is able to amuse the girl gets 55% of her sympathy at once!

3.      Good manners

Yes, this that, well forgotten old. Presently good manners it is possible to call lack of bad manners. It is not difficult. Do not champ, do not kill it. And yes, offer it a hand, going out of transport. Of course, is the girl, preferring those who spit her under legs and express with a mat. But why to you such girl? Respect yourself and the darling.

4.      Responsibility

"The man told – the man made". So be a man. Promised – execute. Even if you are called by friends or the World Cup on soccer began. The girl will understand that it is possible to rely on you, your word can be trusted. If you are responsible – you know how to be pleasant to the girl.

5.      Courage

The girlfriend of that wants or not, but by the nature it is so put that she considers any man as future husband and the father of the children – approaches - does not approach. Care of posterity and responsibility for and the relatives – obligatory qualities for its choice. And expression "behind it, absolutely safe" will never lose the relevance.

6.      Accuracy and ukhozhennost

Well here to add? From you smells then, you have dirty boots and not washed hair – to whom you can be pleasant? This is not aboutThis is not aboutThis is not about business suits with a tie. Simple neatness – one of your main objectives if you want to be pleasant to the girl.

7.      Singularity

The highlight has to be not only in the woman. You have to be allocated in lump too. Some merit what is not present in others. Remember, maybe, you masterly dance or you are read. And maybe, your works on burning out won first place in a city exhibition?

8.      Generosity

Do not confuse with squandering! It is not obligatory to carry out the slightest whims of the girl at all, but the avarice decorated nobody yet. Just periodically do it small, but pleasant presents.

9.      Pleasant interlocutor

There are people with whom it is simply pleasant to communicate. They know gradually in all areas and very deeply understand one-two subjects. In a conversation with them there are no silly pauses or awkward silence. If you meet the girl for the first time, try to learn what interests at it and go deep into her world a little. Of course, if it is not questions especially women's, like an epilation and fashionable magazines. Somehow it not as a real man.

10.  To be pleasant to her girlfriends

To be pleasant to the girl, it is very desirable to be pleasant to people in principle. If you the pleasant interlocutor, "soul of the company", then at you are every chance to be pleasant to your darling. Yes, it is not simple. But it is nonsense how to be pleasant to her girlfriends. There is very thin side. They have to praise you, but not so that the girl was jealous and suspected you of excessive affection for her girlfriend. Be careful!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team